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omglohan's Journal

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A brand new active community for fans of the talented actress/singer Lindsay Dee Lohan.


Welcome to OMGLOHAN, a new community for Lindsay Lohan fans on livejournal. I made this community because I didn't think there were enough active Lindsay Lohan communities on livejournal that aren't only focusing on graphics. Mature members only, please. There will be ~adult language~ in this community so do not join unless you are 18+ or just incredibly mature. Do not join if you are not a fan of Lindsay, and oh, have fun.


• All posts must be friends only.
• Please, no introduction posts.
• Keep your posts Lindsay Lohan related.
• Keep all videos and large, wide pictures under an LJ cut.
• This is not a place to promote your community, but there are exceptions.
• Make sure you check previous posts before posting something, if it's already there, your post will be deleted. Also, try not to request something that has already requested.
• No icon/graphics posts, unless you've been given our permission.
• When embedding a video, please include a link to the video in your post.
• No hotlinking.


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If you'd like to be affiliates with omglohan, please contact one of the mods. Thank you!

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